Archive | September, 2012

Your ER Experience

When you think of an emergency room, what comes to mind? Sure you think of doctors, nurses, sick patients, and people with life-threatening conditions, but what about the long-running NBC TV show, ER? Obviously, this TV show fictionalized a lot of what life is like in the ER, and we hate to break it to [...]

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When Life Gives You Cancer, We Give You Hope

If you think back to the days of learning to ride a bike you probably remember falling down frequently.  When you got hurt, your mother would appear with a small band-aid and a hug.  The bandage may have helped heal your “boo-boo,” but the hug helped heal you. We try to keep that same approach [...]

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Going “Under the Knife”

So, your doctor says you need surgery…. We imagine that you have a few questions—like these! Why is surgery necessary? How long will the surgery take? How will anesthesia be given? What will happen after surgery? How will my pain be controlled? What type of care will I need at home, and for how long? [...]

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